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Our app is designed to simplify any payment. How many times do you find yourself waiting in long lines to order food in a fast food restaurant? How many times have you waited for the waiter at a casual dining restaurant? Why do we need to swipe cards at retail stores? Why do we need to enter our credit card info each time for online shopping? How many paper receipts are piling up?

These are all the daily struggles that we want to resolve with QRPe App.

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How it Works

Our Mobile App follows a simple and clean design, which is very easy to understand and use.

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Forgot your wallet or purse? No worries, QRPe has got you covered.

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Our faster and more convenient platform makes it the simplest to place orders and make payments at any merchant with ease.

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Welcome to a whole new experience for dining, shopping, eCommerce and more. Every transaction at just a few taps.

Why choose us?

Safety & Security

QRPe provides you with the safety and security of leaving your cards and cash at home while paying for everything using onl your smartphone. Our Checkout Technology turns your smart phone into a digital wallet.

Faster Checkout

Now you never have to wait in long lines to order and make payments. Use your QRPe App to place orders and checkout at the tap of your finger and save time.

More Productive

QRPe is changing the way we dine at restaurants, shop online and at retail stores. You can dine, shop online, buy groceries and make payments just by using your phone. It has never been simpler!


Our Application

Today everybody carries a cell phone. Now you can use that cell phone to order at restaurants, buy merchandise at retail shops and do online shopping without the traditional method of credit card swiping. Do it all on your cell phone.

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